Khudbadii Jimcaha Masjidka Abubakar Nairobi Sh Maxamed Cabdi Umal (Daawo)

December 22, 2017 - Written by Editor

Nairobi:-Waxaan idinka soo gudbineynaa Khudbadii Jimcaha Masjidka Abu Bakar ee magaalada Nairobi waxaana Khudbada jeediyey Sheekh Maxamed Cabdi Umal Xafidahulaah waxaana uu khudbadiisa uu uga hadlay maanta in lagu raali noqodo wixii alle u qoray qof kasta oo Muslin ah .

Hoos ka daawo Khudbadii Jimcaha ee Masjidka Abu Bakar Al-Sadiiq Sh Maxamed Cabdi Umal.

Salaf media

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