For Immediate Release A Call for Unity against Occupation of Somalia by the Crusaders

November 26, 2011 - Written by

Mogadishu (26/11/2011) – The meeting held by the so-called Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Addis Ababa on Friday 25th November underlines the malicious intent of the neighbouring countries to destroy Somalia and colonise its people.

IGAD’s unanimous decision to deploy thousands of Ethiopian troops to Somalia comes after the Kenyan army, a non-combat-tested yet highly bumptious force who’ve entered Somalia more than a month ago, failed in their attempts to invade regions of Somalia as a result of the fierce resistance from the Mujahideen forces and local population. The concentration and build-up of Ethiopian troops along the border and some regions of Somalia at this particular phase in the conflict, not only demonstrates the vindictive nature of the Ethiopian army and their aspirations for military reprisals against the Somali population but also clearly illustrates the widespread impotence surrounding the thousands of Kenyan, Burundian and Ugandan forces already waging a brutal war against the people of Somalia.

Ethiopia, an arch-enemy, has been fighting a long and vicious battle to destabilise Somalia for decades. In December 2006, the Ethiopian army invaded Somalia under enormous media publicity in an attempt to control the country and subjugate its people. In their counteroffensive, however, the Somali population responded with quick and intensive surgical strikes as well as a concentrated guerrilla campaign that soon drained the invaders’ ability and defeated the Ethiopian army. Since their defeat in early 2009, the Ethiopian troops have been conducting a series of vengeful attacks against the people of Somalia, before engaging in the conscription and training of local militia to advance the Ethiopian agenda in the destabilisation of the country.

Somalia is going through a historic moment in time and it is the combination of the efforts of its people that will determine the outcome of its future. We therefore urge the Muslims of Somalia to set their differences aside and unite against their common enemy as they have done in the past in order to defend their country as well as their religion from the aggressive invasion of the allied African crusaders. You are facing a barbaric enemy that has no appreciation for the sanctity of human life; be firm and steadfast against them and fight them with all your might.

We also warn the invading Ethiopian forces that you have struggled long and hard to settle in Somalia during your brief occupation in 2006. Know that you are entering Somalia while the corpses of your comrades are still fresh in their graves; and the path that you tread upon today is reminiscent of the path trodden upon by your fellow soldiers yesterday. It is a path that lures you to taste nothing but the bitter depredations of war; for in front of you lies the agony of death, the torment of captivity, the deprivation of comforts, the departure of loved ones and the piercing bullets of strong-willed men with a determination of steel and uncompromising belief. The very men who’ve subjected the might of your army to the ignominious defeat of yesterday are today grinding their swords once again. The people of Somalia shall never accept or live under the humiliation of occupation and the spirit of resistance shall not fade as long as a single invader remains alive on Somali soil.


Press Office

Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen

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