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February 10, 2016 - Written by Editor

IMG-20160210-WA0005Garoowe:-Shabakadda wararka Halgan.net ayaa waxaa soo gaaray Nuqul ka mid ah qoraal ay saaka u gudbiyeen siyaasiyiin labo garab ah oo ay kala hogaaminayeen Madaxweynihii hore dowladda Puntland Dr.C/raxmaan Faroole iyo wasiirkii hore ee waxbarshada dowladda Puntland Dr. Cali Xaaji Warsame , qoraalkaan ayaa waxaa uu ka tarjumayaa mowqifka ay qabaan siyaasi yihiita ka madax banaan dowladda uu hadda hogaamiyo Madaxweynaha dowladda Puntland Dr. C/weli Maxamed Cali Gaas. Halkaan ka eeg qoraalka oo u qoran luqada Ingriisa

Hoos ka ee Qoraalka oo ku qoran Luqada Ingriiska


To:       Mr Michael Keating

Special Representative of UN Secretary General to Somalia


To:       Distinguished Ambassadors & Other International Partners of Somalia



On behalf of Puntland Politicians, other stakeholders and general Puntland public, we would like to present Puntland Politicians’ position paper on Somalia’s political transition in 2016. First, we would to express our thanks and appreciation for your support in assisting Somalia to stand on its feet again and reclaim its position in the community of nations.


While honoring your worthwhile efforts and assistance, we would like to hereby submit some background information on this process, the consultation process Puntland carried out, the Puntland position and recommendations on the process.


  1. Background Information


With reference to the meetings convened in Mogadishu on 19th and 20th of October 2015, and the following public consultations on 22nd November and 5th of December, the National Consultation Forum adopted the Mogadishu declaration on 16th December in which Somalia’s paetnwrs reiterated consensus was reached that there should be no extension of constitutionally mandated limits and Somali leaders will reconvene and endorsed detailed electoral model.


Based on that, Somali leaders met in Kismayo, Jubbaland State, during the period from 10th to 17th of January 2016 to further discuss on viable model for the election and after extensive discussions in which Puntland State of Somalia showed flexibility in reaching an agreement on the democratic and representative formation of the upper and lower house. The meeting ended without agreement due to Somali President’s obduracy and lack of flexibility and neutrality.


The President, in his efforts to remain in power, wasted his term in office deliberately to circumvent the one-man-one-vote election process adopted, violated the interim constitution and un-constitutionally created non-viable interim administrations for re-election purposes, The formation of these administrations and the 4.5 election modality he and his government insisted on violated the constitution and created political uncertainty.


  1. Puntland Consultation Process


Puntland conducted grassroots consultation among Puntland community and held forums for the period from November 16th and 17th which was attended by up to 600 delegates from all walks of life in Garowe, Bosaso, Galkio, Badhan, Qardho and Tukaraq. The delegates unanimously resolved that the national parliamentary elections be held on democratic basis, using grassroots representation.

They further agreed it would be retrogressive to go back to the clan representation model previously known as 4.5 which they said is unconstitutional, unfair and destabilizing but also an obstacle to the democratization of the governance institutions and structures of Somalia. They were in consensus that the tribal model was against the principle of equality among Somalis and fosters injustice, corruption, insecurity and disintegration of the Federal Republic of Somalia.


The same verdict was taken by the majority of Somali people from Somaliland, parts of Gal-Mudug, Banadir region, Jubbaland and upper Bakool districts, as well as the position of national parties and forums which are based in Mogadishu.


  1. Puntland position


We, Puntland politicians and other stakeholders support the position taken by Puntland government and categorically reject the new electoral model in which lower house representation will be based on traditional 4.5 quota and undemocratic selection of upper house members. It is also against all prior agreements witnessed and endorsed by UN, EU, IGAD and other International partners.


The reason Puntland rejects the unilateral decision adopted by present government is not without reason.


  1. Un-constitutional and un-democratic


According to the adopted constitution signed by roadmap signatories with the endorsement of UNPOS as guarantor on June 22, 2012 which remains the agreed-upon principle states that ” Election should be held on slated date without term extension, parliamentary selection process should be based on pre-1991 war 18 regions and districts, the process would be binding under the consent of federal members states and outcome of grass-roots consultations, upper house should be based on regions that existed before 1991 and final decision must be reached on the location, status and boundaries of Somalia capital”.  Article 72 of Federal provincial Constitution stipulates that the numbers of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament shall be elected through a direct, secret and free ballot by the people of the Federal Member States and their number shall be no more than 54 members based on the 18 regions that existed in Somalia before 1991.


  1. The hallmark of Disintegration and Destabilization


The 4.5 electoral model lacks all ingredients of success because it created mistrust and inequality among Somalis, reignited tribal grievances and subsequent ugly violence and the bitterly contested episode of chaos and clan wars. It has left irreversible and un-healable pain both physically and emotionally in every Somali’s conscious mind. This model is prone to creating poor leadership, corruption scandals as the leader is elected by conflicting clan representatives and the process prohibits active and effective government institutions and agencies that are accountable under the law because the leader is adamant on injustice system instead of accountability and rule of law. This model suffers serious shortcomings such as absence of any link between MPs and geographic constituencies and the opportunities that it creates for corruption in the selection of MPs.



  1. The way forward


Puntland people and government insist that any electoral model should be based on fair grassroots representation, democratic principles and the will of the people. The process should also include genuine process of reconciliation, creation of all-inclusive Somali National Army and agreement on the status of the nation’s capital city as agreed in Garowe-2 agreement.


We, in Puntland give our highest regard to a viable nation re-building, just reconciliation process and we re-affirm our commitment to Somali re-integration. We will like to re-assure

Your Excellency that Puntland will support a fair democratic process which will not violate its constitution but leads Somalia to the way forward.



Thank you



Representative of Puntland Political Groups

Read by Hon. Ali H. Warsame


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