Ciidamada DFS iyo kuwa AMISOM oo la wareegay deegaano ka tirsan gobalka Sh/ Hoose

October 7, 2012 - Written by

Afgooye:-Wararka naga soo gaaraya gobalka Shabeellaha hoose degmada  ayaa sheegaya in ciidamada DFS iyo kuwa AMISOM ee la wareegeen deegaano hor leh oo ka tirsan gobalka Sh/hoose waxayan saaka la wareegeen Degmada Wanlaweyne

Ciidamada DFS iyo kuwa AMISOM ayaa si nabad gelyo ah kula wareegay Degmada Wanlaweyne  ka dib markii ay isaga baxeen ciidamada Al-Shabaab oo in mudo ah halkaas ka talin jiray waxayna ciidamada fariisimo ka sameysteen  garoonka Balidoogle .

Wararka ka imaanaya Degmada Wanlaweyne ayaa sheegaya in ciidanka iskaashanaya ay saaka magaalada ka billaabeen howlgalo iyaga oo miino baaris,ka sameeyey gudaha iyo daafaha Degmada Wanlaweyne .

Guddoomiyaha Gobalka Shabeelaha Hoose ee DFS C/qaadir Maxamed Nuur Siidii ayaa la hadlay saxaafada wuxuuna sheegay in ay si buuxda ula wareegeen Degmada Wanlaweyne wuxuuna ku goodiyey in ay haatan wixii ka danbeeya ay ku jiheysan yihiin Degmada Buurhakabo si la isigu furo Sh/hoose iyo gobalka Bay

Taliska AMISOM ayaa warsaxaafadeed ka soo saaray qabsashada  Degmada Wanlaweyne wuxuuna u qoranaa sidan.

For immediate release
AMISOM troops secure Wanla Weyn on Afgooye – Baidoa corridor
Mogadishu 7th October: Somali government forces with the support of AMISOM troops have secured the strategic town of Wanla Weyn on the Afgooye to Baidoa corridor in lower Shabelle. Wanla Weyn is 93km from Mogadishu.
The allied forces have also secured Balli Doogle Airbase, a former air force training base, 11kms from Wanla Weyn.
The securing of this town comes one day after AMISOM troops began their 211 km advance from Afgooye to Baidoa with aim of connecting the two regions. Wanla Weyn town falls at a strategic junction linking the two Shabelle regions to Baidoa and Beletweyne.
This advance is expected to deny fleeing Al Shabaab insurgents from seeking refuge and destabilizing other regions of the country.
AMISOM Force Commander, Lt. Gen Andrew Gutti commended his troops and explained the significance of this move.
“Securing Wanla Wein will allow for free movement of the population who have been restricted until now, unable to go about their daily trade and business due to the restrictions of Al-Shabaab.  It will also facilitate the provision of much needed humanitarian assistance to the local population.”
Additionally the capture of this town denies Al Shabaab another source of illegal income after a string of defeats and the loss of their major source of revenue in the seaports of Marka, El-maan and Kismayo. Al Shabaab had stepped up their extortion of illegal taxes from the local populations in the towns they still control.
AMISOM Force Commander Lt‐Gen Andrew Gutti “This operation demonstrates AMISOM’s continuing determination to support the people of Somalia as they embark on a new path of renewal and reconstruction.  AMISOM will continue to bring security to more areas of Somalia so that local people can live their lives and pursue their livelihoods in freedom.”


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